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   Strategic Directions in Maritime Transport

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Book Editors


Assoc. Professor Ziaul H. Munim University of South-Eastern Norway.
Professor Theo Notteboom University of Antwerp.




Book Series

 Palgrave Studies in Maritime Economics





Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024* 

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: August 30, 2024

Expected Publication Date: December 2024


Please send abstract to:


*For IAME 2024 accepted papers, abstract submission is waived, full papers must be sent before August 30, 2024.


Chapters in the Book

We are expecting between 15 to 20 chapters in the book. Each chapter should be approximately between 5000 to 6000 words. The chapters in the book must focus on a strategic decision-making case in the maritime sector, and use relevant methods and algorithms. There is no charge for publishing book chapters. The chapters topics include but not limited to:

Decision-making in ports (Authors):

  •   Port location choice
  •   Port efficiency benchmarking
  •   Dry ports in port-hinterland relationship (Hasslan et al.)  Transhipment port selection
  •   Corridor development for facilitating trade of landlocked countries (Dagostini et al.)  Port governance model choice for sustainability (Chowdhury, Shi, and Zhang)
  •   Optimization of the outports network - A case study from Japan (Hirata)
  •  Eco-efficiency by redesigning port terminal layout (Dushenko, Munim, Stegen-Jensen)  Concession contract choice in landlord port development (Munim and Notteboom)
  •   Evaluating smart port development options

Decision-making in shipping (Authors):

  •  Shipping investment decision-making (Zhou)   Ship asset valuation (Munim and Notteboom)
  •   Alternative energy sources for ship propulsion (Fuentes)
  •   Flag choice in shipping (Prasojo et al.,)
  •   Evaluating shipping alliance memberships
  •   Digital transformation strategy in shipping companies (Mahmud and Munim)  Ship scrapping decision-making (Rahman and Rahman)
  •  Accident risk assessment
  •   Simulator modality choice in training of seafarers
  •   Feasibility and adoption of autonomous ships (Rahman and Munim)


For book chapter structure and style guidelines, potential authors are requested to explore previously published book titles under the  Palgrave Studies in Maritime Economics.

There is no charge for publishing book chapters unless you would like to publish open access. If you are interested in publishing your chapter as open access, let the editors know, they will communicate with the publisher.

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